Technology-Driving Manufacturing Sector in India

Manufacturing sector has been a very essential impetus behind the growth of global economy since 19th century. It has brought a great amount of productivity in our day to day lives, which ultimately amounts to growth. Growth doesn’t come easily. It needs to be worked on. Everyday. With more productivity and labour.

In last few decades, the manufacturing industry has grown way too automated. Today, the increase in production is the only result expected. Scale of the factory doesn’t matter. It may be small and flexible but the collaboration between the factory and the man needs to be in place. Today, we are walking on the advanced path of technologically advanced solutions which has made the infrastructure optimization quite in control. The technology is every day reshaping the size and style of the manufacturing industry. Some of them are IoT, cloud and cyber security, advanced manufacturing robots, 3D printing, augmented reality, IIoT, and Nanotechnology. These are the most outstanding technologies, bringing change in the manufacturing sector of the country.


Social Mobile Analytics Cloud or SMAC is a combination of four technologies. It is important for any business that is seriously interested in understanding its customers better.


Advanced manufacturing robot is no more a fancy futuristic idea. There are robots which work for industries. They are human-like and can perform complex repetitive as well as non-repetitive tasks.


3D printing simplifies complex tasks by shifting the responsibility from a worker to a machine. The output is an overall 40% of more productivity and more growth.


With IoT, manufacturers can extract valuable insights from data, unleash transformative new services, and add intelligence and connectivity to legacy systems.

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